About Rebellious Clove

Our founder Danielle McAllister spent her time learning to sew and upcycle from her grandma during summer vacations and that influenced her love of clothing and accessories. When it came time to go to college Danielle chose to study fashion design but soon realized that no one was teaching plus size design and that there was no size diversity allowed on assignments and projects. She was also one of the only plus size people in her program and it was very isolating to not be able to fit in the clothes she was making. Even for her final collection she was not allowed to make a larger size than the standard sample size. 

Once she moved back to Kingston, a bit defeated by the industry, Danielle decided to continue making jewelry and even tried her hand at a small line of plus size clothes. But this was 2009 and the world and especially social media was not ready for what she was making. She also felt that there was SO MUCH waste happening in the production. So Danielle decided to put that on hold for the moment and take time to re-think her approach. 

Since then Danielle has started a Youtube channel focused on plus size fashion, created a plus size friendly accessories brand and is now ready to revisit plus size clothing. 

What does the future of Rebellious Clove look like? Like we’ve always done, everything we make will be ethically produced and use recycled/deadstock materials. Our focus will be on serving the plus size community and bringing them clothes and accessories made with their body in mind. To reduce waste all our clothing will be made to order and save our scraps to make one of a kind pieces.